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Marion Mackenzie Stegner

Marion creates jewelry and settings in both gold and silver. She integrates unusual stones and fossils of all colors shapes and sizes,as well as both precious and semiprecious stones.

It was during a three year period in the Peace Corps while living in Venezuela and Ecuador that she was continuously drawn to "the magic" of the stones and pre-Columbian objects found in these countries, and "wanted to find a wearable use for them." The stones often suggest what type of jewelry Marion will design. "Sometimes I have a stone in my studio for years before it speaks to me".

The beauty of Marion's work stands on its own. It is a beauty that is totally accessible, having a "friendliness" about it that invites both the eye and the hand.

Her work has been displayed in Wisconsin, Montana, Maine, Vermont, and Aspen, Colorado, and in galleries throughout California.

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Marion Stegner at Home
Marion at Home




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